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Zhejiang Yuefeng Tea Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shaoxing Tea Machinery General Factory) was founded in 1960 and has a history of more than 40 years. In the 1990s, through institutional reform and innovation, it successfully transformed into a joint-stock enterprise. Advanced management methods, strong technical force, and flexible business philosophy make the enterprise full of vitality.

Over the years, Zhejiang Yuefeng Tea Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shaoxing Tea Machinery General Factory) has presided over or participated in major national, ministry (provincial), and municipal-level tea machine research and development projects. In the 1970s, he participated in and hosted the national joint design group of 6CH16 tea dryers, successfully designed the backbone model of tea dryers in China, and formulated the national standards for 6CH tea dryers. In the 1980s, on the basis of digestion and absorption, the mini-class project of refined combined machines was completed; the national spark project of RFL series metal hot blast stoves was completed, and the first high-efficiency energy-saving metal hot blast stoves were introduced, which promoted the technological progress of the entire tea machine industry. In the 1990s, the provincial-level project on the machine-integrated metal-furnace-type drum-type tea killing machine was completed, thereby promoting another major progress in the tea-machine industry. At the same time, Shaoxing Tea Machinery General Plant participated in the Hangzhou Tea Refined Small Packaging Production Line Project, completed the China Tea Corporation Fujian Quanzhou Oolong Tea Blending Plant Project, and Hong Kong Tak Sing Hong (Zhuhai) Natural Food Co., Ltd. Tea Refined Small Packaging Production Line Project. All achieved satisfactory results. Shaoxing Tea Machinery General Factory has completed several bidding projects for domestic and international tea machinery. On the basis of digestion and absorption in 2001, the design and manufacturing of steamed green sencha tea complete equipment was completed, which contributed to the adjustment of tea structure. Currently, we are continuing our efforts to realize the technological reform and continuous direction of steamed green tea in China.

Zhejiang Yuefeng Tea Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shaoxing Tea Machinery General Factory) has more than 150 varieties of tea processing machinery. The main products are: 6CZS tea killer series, 6CR tea twister series, 6CH tea dryer series, RFL, RFL (H), YRFL environmental protection and energy saving, coal burning, fuel metal hot air stove series, as well as complete processing equipment for red, green tea and scented tea. Zhejiang Yuefeng Tea Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shaoxing Tea Machinery General Factory) is able to provide complete sets of equipment for black and green tea, primary, refined, large, medium and small tea factories, as well as excellent after-sales service. At the same time, it can provide steamed green sencha (striped tea, sliced tea, broken tea, garden tea), as well as various types of famous tea processing equipment.

The company's subsidiary Yuefeng Drying Equipment Factory specializes in the development and production of a variety of materials drying equipment for agricultural and sideline products, food, Chinese medicinal materials, aquatic products, chemicals, and building materials.

Our products are sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America and other countries and regions.


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